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Verizon's Strong Wireless, FiOS Gains Continue
As DSL, Traditional Landline Customers Continue to Flee
by Karl Bode 08:18PM Wednesday May 02 2012
Verizon’s latest quarterly earnings indicate that while the company continues to bleed traditional landline and DSL users to cable operators, they’re more than offsetting those losses with strong FiOS and wireless growth. According to Verizon Wireless, the company added 734,000 retail customers in the first quarter (501,000 of them contract), bringing their wireless subscriber total to 93 million. Verizon lost 89,000 DSL subscribers and 440,000 POTs subscribers during the quarter, but offset those losses with the addition of 180,000 TV and 193,000 FiOS Internet subscribers. Verizon’s next quarter should be considerably more potent, given they’ve just begun a new co-marketing “quadruple play” strategy with the cable industry.