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Videotron Imposes 'Extreme' Caps
100GB bi-directional cap for 10Mbps tier
by Karl Bode 04:35PM Thursday Aug 16 2007
Though our French is a little rusty, Canadian broadband provider Videotron has e-mailed their customers to let them know that starting October 1st, the company will be imposing a monthly 100GB cap (downstream and upstream combined) on their 10Mbps "Extreme" tier of service.
A ce titre, vous bénéficiez d'une capacité de téléchargement illimitée, laquelle sera désormais établie a 100Go combinés (aval/amont), soit une limite de consommation qui devrait répondre amplement a vos besoins. Ainsi, a compter du 1 octobre prochain, il y aura des frais pour consommation dépassant la limite mensuelle de 100Go combinés. Ces frais seront 1,50$ par gigaoctet excédentaire.
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Users who go above the 100GB limit will pay an additional $1.50 (Canadian) per gigabyte. Customers can track their usage here. Users have thirty days from the date of the letter to cancel service with no penalty, which, you know, is really sweet of them.

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