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Vista SP1 May Be Available Tomorrow
Microsoft hasn't confirmed but reports seem confident
by KathrynV 11:15AM Sunday Feb 03 2008 Tipped by FFH See Profile
Windows Vista users have been waiting for months for the release of the first service pack which will hopefully improve their computer experience. They shouldn’t have to wait much longer as the rumor is that it will be released tomorrow.

What can be expected?
“Microsoft has said on numerous occasions that Vista SP 1 won't include a raft of new features, but will instead focus on fortifying the security, performance, and reliability of the OS.”
Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether this is the final version of Vista SP1, saying only that they’ll be releasing that version within the first quarter of this year. They’ve also refused to comment on rumors that this week will also see the launch of Windows Server 2008, the first major update to their server software in over five years.

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