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Vodafone May Offer $160 Billion for Verizon
In order to grab all of Verizon Wireless?
by Karl Bode 08:49AM Monday Jul 16 2007 Tipped by NOCMan See Profile
Just a few weeks ago, reports began to surface that Vodafone was thinking about selling their share of Verizon Wireless (its full worth estimated to be somewhere around $60-$70 billion). Now, MarketWatch reports the completely opposite rumor: Vodafone may be considering a massive $160 billion offer for Verizon Communications in order to take control of Verizon Wireless. The rumor began at the Financial Times:
Vodafone has not yet approached Verizon with the plan and sources cautioned that there is no certainty the British mobile group will pursue the idea. Nevertheless, the move would be aimed, squarely, at settling uncertainty over the future of Vodafone’s US mobile interests — acquiring the whole of Verizon as the route to buying the 55 per cent of its mobile division, Verizon Wireless, that Vodafone does not currently own.
Note that this is a very unlikely deal, and one that Vodafone denies.

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