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Washington Post On Comcast Caps
Cox, AT&T chime in...limits still not specified...
by Karl Bode 09:27AM Friday Sep 07 2007 Tipped by RichNice See Profile
We've been talking about this for roughly half a decade now, but the Washington Post has just discovered Comcast's invisible bandwidth caps. As noted countless times, the company sends disconnection letters to users who consume too much bandwidth, but never tells said users how much consumption is too much:
To trigger a disconnection warning, customers would be downloading the equivalent of 1,000 songs or four full-length movies every day. Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas declined to reveal specific bandwidth limits. "It's our responsibility to make sure everyone has the best service possible," he said, "so we have to address abusive activities so they won't damage the experience for other customers."
AT&T, who has no caps, says they have some bandwidth hogs, but says "we figure that's why they buy the service." Cox tells the paper they spend little time imposing limits, but occasionally warn customers about egregious consumption -- though such efforts "are few and far between," the company insists.

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In Deo speramus.
Kendall, FL

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Thanks Comcast!

Thank you Comcast for actually taking a stand and removing customers who are consuming 200GB+ every month. Those customers who run torrents 24/7, downloading movies, uploading movies, and in the end, just slowing down my connection. Thank you for not being like AT&T or Cox who apparently could careless how their network and service is degraded as long as the customer pays. Thank you for being on top of it and for removing the less than 1% of the top bandwidth abusers on your network.

And thank you for not making it known what the caps are. That way users aren't abusing it by always coming "close" to the bandwidth limit, but never over.
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The wheels on the bus....

go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round everytime we mention Comcast capping speeds....

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