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Wednesday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:37AM Wednesday Apr 06 2011

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Wireless Routers: Fixing...blah blah

Good Morning DSL readers!

My thoughts on the Wireless router article is: why do folks write something that doesn't provide a solution, nor criticize/correct/support/correct someone else's product? Answer: because they might offend the manufacturer. I say, so what, criticism.

With wifi routers, most users have no clue. Neither in setup nor in support or understanding of the limitations of wireless features. Range, interference and security are the three neglected points misunderstood with wireless.

Also, from experience, (writer mentions iPad) Apple products have the worse antenna reception compared to others (likely the antenna design, placement and materials used...form over function). And I am not just talking about the iphone antenna-gate, but the wireless issues in macbooks, macbookpro, the dinky antenna stub addon for PowerMac G5 and Macpro...

Comparing the range of an Airport Extreme (and features) to say, a Dlink-655 router would have the Dlink win for range, features and security. The Airport Extreme would only win for looks and airport admin utility ease-of-use. Kudos would go to Apple for the Admin software use with setting up extended networks (e.g. Extreme and several express).

Plus we aren't even discussing interference, location, ... firmware, age of router, encryption, amount of users....

Owning and maintaining a wireless router should require some knowledge of setup and responsibility. yeah. That said, I should get off of my neighbor's wifi connection...


Re: Wireless Routers: Fixing...blah blah

Wireless is for the occasional light laptop use. All of our high-bandwidth use runs through copper gigabit. It never slows down.

Mr Anon


Rumored Google Music app apparently leaks to Web

Darn you CNet, I regard you right above the tabloids of the internet world, (you too either theregister or thethereg I can't remember)

Anywho you have tricked me into needing to read your article to see how a program that may or may not exist already leaks information to the internet.

Mr Anon


Re: Rumored Google Music app apparently leaks to Web

The title would be so much more clear (and get less views) by a two letter change: leakED not leakS.

Nothing to see here.



Somebody actually paid over $200M for Blockbuster?

As they say on South Park, "Dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb!"

netbus developer
Brighton, MA

Re: Somebody actually paid over $200M for Blockbuster?

Assets of Blockbuster, not Blockbuster itself. Think of it as gutting the company, taking the good stuff, and throwing away the rest.