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Wednesday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:06AM Wednesday Dec 05 2012

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Free speech etc etc

I have to say, that every time I hear mention of freedom of anything, speech etc, I get a bit annoyed.

Ok first off it isn't free.

Every last freedom we like to call free was provided by people in uniform dying to see to it that it stayed free, for someone else.

And that makes it NOT free.

And while the internet seems like a public place, it really isn't in almost every instance.

For instance, this forum, it is the property of the owners of DSL reports.com. It's like my livingroom. And if I don't like something someone says in my livingroom, you can bet I CAN throw yer ass out of it.

Or a store site like Amazon. That's private property people.

Facebook is private property, and if I say something on my Facebook page that offends the owners, they don't need my permission to do something about it.

And yes, all of the data I input in any fashion on a site that is someone else's private property, it's not MY data, even if I typed it.

If you want total and pure freedom of speech, you need to conduct it outside, on YOUR property. And even then, it is likely in a country that you share with others, and they have rights too.

Of course, people are always free to leave.