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Weekend Open Thread
Welcome Back Edition
by Karl Bode 06:43PM Friday May 18 2012
The weekend has arrived, so empty your head into the comment section below.

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Mary Esther, FL

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Caps should be illegal

I don't mind paying for speed, however, phones/cable & mobiles capping us should be illegal. I think this is wrong and stupid.

It's the death to the internet as we know it. I take online classes almost every day and this uses video/audio.

Netflix, backups, skype, etc will cease. I heard someplace ISP's want to have 2 gig limits and they do in Canada.

For my phone, I'd rather be with Verizon but they killed their u/l data, I don't mind paying for 3G or 4G speeds but not being capped. What's the point of owning a smart/iphone?

This sucks.