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Weekend Open Thread
Empty Your Noggin
by Karl Bode 05:16PM Sunday Jan 13 2013
The weekend has mercifully arrived. Deposit your most interesting thoughts into the comment section below. Or just post pictures of cute kittens and puppies. Or just rant incoherently about something nobody will find interesting in any way whatsoever. It's your call.

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reply to DataRiker

Re: Rolling the Dice

Exactly. Window 8 isn't merely a taste that needs to be acquired. It is a turd sandwich. And no one was told not to like turd sandwiches...they get it on their own after wasting $40-$70 on it or after seeing it in the store. Microsoft's plan is to remove all the other Windows food (namely Windows 7) from the market so that starving people will finally accept the turd sandwich. Then they will tout the adoption numbers...look people are eating turd sandwiches, that must mean they LOVE them.

Unlike Windows 7, Window 8 is extraordinarily convoluted. I liked the look of Window 8 until I actually tried to use it in my workflow. It is laughable just how bad it really is.

Seriously, full screen aps in metro (or whatever they are calling it this week to get the stink off)? Bouncing users between metro and the desktop with a jarring transition? What if you are like me and run 27-30" displays? Really, I need to use all that real estate to read email or look at the weather? IE full screen...web pages are vertically oriented (like a magazine or newspaper) while desktop panels are horizontal (widescreen)...but under the turd sandwich that is metro I get to view those pages in full-widescreen only, 1/3 of the desktop space wasted (the inefficient use of desktop space overall is a joke); that is unless I want to switch to a completely different GUI...the desktop. IE10 favorites under metro are absolutely worthless. I have over 100 favorites and instead of maintaining their neat folder organization, Microsoft just throws them into a pile. The whole thing is beyond dumb.

Just look at closing an app, something that should take as few user movements as possible as it is a very frequent user task. You have to go to the top of the screen, talk to the hand and then drag it 1440-1600 pixels to the bottom to finally close it? Really? That is better and more intuitive than simply clicking an "X". Going to the corners and edges and pausing for menus? This is an improvement over the task bar or contextual desktop menus? For Microsoft, this extra effort and discontinuity is an improvement I suppose. Well, word to Baldy's Uncle, it isn't. And memorizing a slew of shortcut keys as the workaround for a horribly designed GUI isn't a solution. This is just one of a zillion steps backward Microsoft took with Window 8 on the desktop.

If I wanted a tablet experience, I'd use a tablet. Touch screens on the desktop is a fail overall. Who is going to hold their arm up for that long? Who is going to hold their arm up and get fingerprints all over their screen when they have a mouse that is closer and easier to use? Ergonomics even recommends that monitors be barely at fingertip distance. The whole concept of consumer desktop touch is dumb squared. Microsoft under Balmer and Dumb...birds of a feather.

Someone had mentioned 360...yeah, that is because the 360 is very task specific with very limited input potential (people don't use mice and keyboards with it). Windows Phone 8 is the same thing. And Metro on the 360 is what Sony had already done from day one...side scrolling menus, except Sony's is less convoluted.

It is like 1000 people who never talked to each other designed this, they threw all the different pieces of code in a box and shook it really hard. That is an apt description of the mess that is Window 8. The idiots at Redmond don't understand that different tasks and devices need different interfaces.

Hey don't put a steering wheel on a bicycle just because a car has one.

Tavistock NJ

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