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Weekend Open Thread
by Karl Bode 12:59PM Saturday Dec 14 2013
Here's some artist renderings of what cell signals might look like if you could see them. Share something interesting yourself in the comment section below.

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Buh Buy Verizon!

Free at last, free at last, God almighty free at last!

After almost 13 grueling painstaking months with one of the worst companies to do business with in the United States of America, I am finally free and back home with Sprint where I belong. With LTE unofficially launched in my market and $100 off each the HTC One Max and HTC One if you ported your number over, in combination with the fact my Droid DNA has run out of room because those ASSHOLES at Verizon had HTC remove the SD card slot that is found on the international version of the DNA, I couldn't hold off any longer.

Sprint has very limited LTE coverage in my area, as like I said its just started to be turned on. One of the first towers turned on was one a mile from where I work. Which is a relatively rural area with a small village in the heart of it. While Verizon has LTE in my market for a little over two years now, my area was just lit up with LTE in the summer. Nice to know Sprint doesn't just focus on urban and suburban areas like Verizon does when rolling out enhancements and upgrades. A few more towers got lit up today according to the guys at the store. The tower downtown by First Niagara Center went live as did the one that covers the University at Buffalo North Campus, plus about 4 more, with a bunch in the towns north of the city set to go live on Dec 30th. I just had to drive back to work to test it out.

Verizon 4G LTE in my office:

Sprint 4G LTE in my office:

And once I was out of 4G range and back on 3G I did a speedtest while on a rural road I drive every day and while it was only 3G, the speed was pretty damn good considering what Sprint was like a year ago. And about twice as fast as Verizon 3G is today in that area.

And these two phones, WOW! The HTC One was a favorite of mine until I saw that it came with a dinky 4.7" screen. It's a hell of a phone, and the audio quality is by far the second best I've ever heard from the internal speakers from a portable device. My mom will get that to replace the Droid Razr M. And the HTC One Max is just out of this world. 5.9" 1080p LCD3, looks just friggen gorgeous. I would have liked to see the screen slightly larger, 6.3" like the Galaxy Mega would have been nice. People and reviewers gave HTC shit about this phone only having the Snap Dragon 600 processor, but this phone flies, I can't see where I would have trouble with it's quad core 1.7 GHz processor.. Battery life seems excellent and at 3300 mAh it will be. And never again will I buy a phone for myself with no expandable storage. Got 10gigs of music on a 32GB micro SD card, with 32 GB on internal storage, I won't be running out of space anytime soon with 64 gigs of storage. Now I can actually take videos in 1080p. And as great as I think the speakers are on the regular One, the One Max is just that much better. Hands down, best audio to date from a phone.

What I thought was great, the girl at Sprint even put the Zagg screen protectors on the phones, and for free! Didn't have to pay the $8 rip off fee the con artists at Best Buy charge. And she did a better job then the tards at Geek Squad do.

I was at the Sprint Store for almost three hours. The number for my phone ported over fine, but those ASSHOLES at Verizon wouldn't release my mothers number right away, even though both phones were on the same VZW account. It took the girl at the Sprint Store three phones calls to their special number and a bunch of transfers to get in contact with some one who had to contact their manager to contact Verizon to force them to release the number. I cannot extend my middle fingers high enough to Verizon and Verizon Wireless. I will NEVER do business with those bastards again. And I will pay the very hefty ETFs that I will be charged with a smile on my face to rid myself of those vermin forever.

Fuck you Verizon Wireless! Fuck you!