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Weekend Open Thread
by Karl Bode 10:29AM Saturday Mar 08 2014
Who are you? What do you do? Where are you going? Tell us in the comment section below. If you're just not sure, make something up.

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united state

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Re: Can't Believe It

said by Happydude32:

You do realize you are not the only person in the world, right? It may not matter to YOU but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter to others.

Wow judging by your post history. I am suprised this quote came from you.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

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Meh. I'm not buying a "last-gen" console. I'm switching most of my games to PC. I didn't bother to get Titanfall for my old 360, since my current PC kicks the crap out of it several fold.

..and when I mean "last-gen", I mean it. The PS4 and Xbox One have the same PC guts inside. They have also said that this will probably be the last series of consoles.

Also, I don't see why people would pay ~$500 for a console when they can get a video card that would kick the sh*t out of that console for the same price.. for years.
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