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Wheeler Quizzes All Four Wireless Carriers on Throttling
by Karl Bode 03:41PM Monday Aug 11 2014
It isn't just Verizon that has gotten criticized by FCC boss Tom Wheeler over the throttling of unlimited customers. Reuters notes that Wheeler did in fact send concerned missives to the other large carriers as well, after he received Verizon's response. FCC insiders claim Verizon was the only one to initially get a letter because it was the only one to recently institute a policy change (the throttling of all unlimited LTE users, when only unlimited 3G users were throttled previously):
Wheeler wrote those three carriers after receiving Verizon's response, an FCC official said. Verizon was the first under the spotlight because it was the only one to announce a policy change. Wheeler is trying to establish himself as a strong defender of consumers and somebody who will punish Internet providers whose business practices run afoul of consumers' interests.
Of course when it comes to the FCC and being a "strong defender of consumers," talk is relatively cheap.

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reply to 78036364

Re: Throttling schemes...

said by 78036364:

I have 5 lines I'm pretty sure I pay more than you.

What are we supposed to be like some kid from a 60's sitcom? "Gee, 5 lines! Boy, you must be rich, mister! Can I shine your shoes?"

Unlimited users just want what they are paying for, no more, no less. If we are so unprofitable then they can go ahead and terminate our lines of service. That's how that works. But they know they're still making money off of us, just not as much as they'd prefer to be extracting from us.

Boo hoo, provide service or don't. You can't have your cake and eat it too, so they say. If Verizon wants me to curb my usage, they can eliminate my line, end of story. I'll live and life will go on paying someone else.