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When Does SETI Throw in the Towel?
by BBR_InsUW 04:51PM Thursday Jan 18 2007 Tipped by Stooges Fan See Profile
By Seth Shostak
SETI Institute

“At what point would you abandon the search?”

That’s a question I get relatively frequently from folks who think that SETI may be a quixotic quest, as futile as searching for the Seven Cities of Gold. After all, modern efforts to find signals from extraterrestrial transmitters are now in their fifth decade. Could it be that those of us who still hope to tune in other worlds may be missing some writing on the wall? Some dead-obvious, chiseled text with a simple, if disappointing message: “There are no aliens”?

The question seems fair, since SETI’s obvious analogs–the historical voyages of discovery made in the centuries following the Renaissance–were completed in considerably less time than SETI has been beating the cosmic bushes. Columbus spent five weeks finding North America (and he wasn’t even looking). Captain Cook, a true paragon of explorers, and a man who mapped places that Europeans didn’t even know were places, never mounted an expedition that lasted more than three years.

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As long as they keep sending us the work it will keep being sent back completed.

Keene, NH

Re: Never!!!

said by bigfitch:


As long as they keep sending us the work it will keep being sent back completed.
Same here

Mst3k Rules
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People who do it solo have a tendency to give up hope after they never get any sort or blip back. When your on a team, it becomes a rivalry, you want to be the number one spot. It eventually becomes less about the actual finding and more about bragging points.
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You mention Cook and Columbus. They had a smaller place to find anything. Seti has almost an infinite field to search.
We have a limited budget and resources to work with.
Stop no I believe we have just started to enter the arena of looking for ET the time and distances are immense we are just getting stuff from 50+ light years it was or could have been just sent when we started and it's not here yet.

So our starting is irrelevant and does not take into account some other political force on another planet saying nothing heard from them yet when do you throw in the towel.
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