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Which VPN Providers Protect Your Privacy?
by Karl Bode 08:29AM Monday Mar 17 2014
With a growing number of ISPs playing content nanny (as seen in the "six strikes" copyright warning system), an equally growing number of users are turning to VPNs and proxies to hide their behavior from the ever-watchful eye of their Internet service provider. Others simply have on eye squarely fixed on true security. Torrent Freak has been taking an annual look at which VPN services retain user information and logs, how they handle DMCA takedown notices, under which conditions they share user data with third parties, which payment systems they use and more. It's a pretty handy breakdown for VPN users and worth a read.

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Pittsfield, MA
·Time Warner Cable

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reply to battleop

Re: Can you trust these VPN providers?

If you setup your VPN client correctly, making sure you don't have DNS leaks, and the VPN isn't using a split tunnel, all your ISP will be able to see is encrypted packets with a source (your IP) and destination (VPN server). The VPN server then decrypts these packets, and sends DNS requests to it's DNS servers over it's own ISP. The bits of data that say (destination: are encrypted, until they reach the VPN server, by this time they are out of reach of your ISP.

When the data packets need to be sent back to your IP, the VPN server encrypts them, and sends them over the secure tunnel with the source (VPN server) and destination (your IP).

Here is a fancy diagram to better illustrate how a VPN works.

As dnoyeB sayed, if a government, or other authority wants to tap the connection after then VPN, or the VPN server itself, then your privacy is compromised. That is why it is extremely important to research the privacy policies, reviews, and reputation of a VPN provider before deciding to use them.


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reply to battleop
Lol your asking him if he knows how the internet works as you yourself don't.. Through an encrypted Vpn with no dns leaks they can only see an encrypted connection made to your vpn provider and the amount of traffic, that's it.



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reply to ITALIAN926
Yes I don't work for the entertainment industry and I don't give a shit about them either.

Stop caring about people you don't know and don't know you.

I'll keep using my VPN and doing w/e the fudge I want with it. See how easy that was.

Make the homies say HO and the girlies wanna SCREAM!

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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another biased list

ordered by who paid TF the most for placement.
major privacy players like airvpn and ibvpn are
omitted as they would not pay extortion money.

good article pointing out privacy issues, but
anyone believing a USA based VPN like PIA
keeps you safer is only kidding themselves.

about half of the providers listed may require
real information during registration or payment,
which is major privacy issue that article ignores.

any VPN that asks more than an email address
a password you designate, and your public IP
(it gets automatically) is a VPN to be avoided.
as long as they somehow can get your money,
they should not care at all who you really are.