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Why Is NY's AG Urging ISPs To Embrace Spyware Company?
The slippery slope down the deep packet inspection mountain...
by Karl Bode 09:57AM Saturday Oct 18 2008
This week we noted that as part of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's rather dubious "crackdown," on ISPs and child porn, he advised ISPs to begin using a deep packet inspection solution from a company named Brilliant Digital. The technology would analyze user packets, comparing transmitted user data to a master database of illegal content. Techdirt has an interesting follow up post on Brilliant Digital, and their history in the spyware business (you may recall them as the company that installed a stealth P2P network inside Kazaa). The company also has an aggressive history on the patent front.
So we have an Australian spyware company that wants to scan every bit of traffic and identify it (even if it's encrypted), and it's being pushed by a US politician who has a history of trying to publicly shame companies into doing his bidding, even if it involves lying about them. And, the whole damn thing almost certainly violates the 4th Amendment.
Just another ordinary day on the Internets.

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Mr Matt

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Does the recommendation by the AG involve palm greasing?

Will Brilliant Digital contribute significant campaign contributions to Andrew Cuomo's future campaigns, if Andrew succeeds in shaking down ISP's doing business in New York State, into using Brilliant Digital's services? US Government should replace Uncle Sam with Snoopy as our national symbol!

bye bye twc. hello Comcast.
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Re: Does the recommendation by the AG involve palm greasing?

Just another day in New York politics! Both Dems (more so) and Republicans - push companies to provide a service on the tax payer - because that said company contributed to their campaigns, with very large checks.

Since his father failed to milk all of the tax payers during his terms, his son will gladly try and accomplish that! Some way, some how.

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Da Bronx
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Even if it's encrypted?

How can this be?

... scan every bit of traffic and identify it (even if it's encrypted) ...
How can patterns be matched against a database if the traffic is encrypted? The same data will look different based on the encryption keys used. No?

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Re: Even if it's encrypted?

*sigh* here is a link to better article on the same matter: »www.dailytech.com/Australian+Tec···3224.htm and »www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27198621/ . atleast these go into a little depth (the dailytech one links to a 'whitepaper' on the copyrouter thing) on this matter. the whitepaper makes it sound like the only encryption that is broken is in gnuetella. the msnbc article makes it sound like the copyrouter is pulling off a man-in-the-middle attack. either way, i think it is wrong. companies and the government can mess with our encrypted traffic, but if we dare break the entertainment industry's encryption algorithm, we get sued into oblivion. i'm sure if i started doing man-in-the-middle attacks it would go over fine with my network manangers, ISP, and the government.

i'm thinking it is time to implement wide spread encryption. the algorithms are already well defined along with the process. just use RSA or DSA for key exchange and use an algorithm with high throughput (even DES would do if there is enough traffic and the key is changed often enough). i'd love to seem them break RSA and AES-256 in real time.
Space Elf
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False Positives abound

Blizzard uses P2P for WoW patches, imagine getting a nastygram for doing illegal things just because DPI cant tell WoW files from other P2P files.
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Worcester, MA

Re: False Positives abound

i'd like to see their false positive rate and what happens when there is a false positive. i'd say it would be almost impossible to ensure there are no false positives. comparing binaries would be nice, but storage requirements would be insane (size and speed). binary comparing wouldn't catch images that have been slightly tweaked (slightly different resolution, watermark, a random line or 2, border, scaling, etc.) so a duplicate image processing technique would need to be used to find similar images. i sure would hope that before legal action is taken, a the result is checked to see if it is a false positive.

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Stockton, CA

Check the funding

Wonder if the AG got funding somehow from some "groups" that are for this kind of stuff. Those "free dinners" don't come without a price.
Cultivant son jardin
Denver, CO

It's getting to the point where...

I think anyone who has ever served in a prosecutor's office should be banned from running for political office for life. Too many budding politicians use prosecutorial experience to wage war on freedom in the name of the "children". I'm freaking tired of seeing my freedoms kicked to the curb so that some douchebag of a lawyer can work on climbing the political ladder.
"Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too."

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Re: It's getting to the point where...

True that!

Salem, OR
Agreed, when the justice system mixes in with politics we all lose.

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you have nothing to fear

but its for the children!! and national security*. if you oppose this you are either a terrorist or a paedophile.

pick one. you are all disgusting. There is no reason why law abiding people should fear this unless they are doing something wrong. The world will be a better place if everything was known. Then there would be no crime and you wouldnt need guns. Btw, guns are for savages.

*Additional uses may include the following at no extra charge. Enforcing photography copyright from flickr, pbase and others. Enforcing copyright laws for the riaa, mpaa. Protecting apple's encryption. Scanning your bank transactions to ensure you are not sending your information to unapproved vendors. Monitoring communication data to ensure you are not circumventing a law by arranging transactions in person over the internet (craigs list supports terrorism). Forwarding your information to the morality police when you commit an act of immoral nature. Ensuring you are able to view any and all ads as intended. Ensuring malicious software does not disable or remove our affiliates ad software installed on your system.

Void where internet is lacking, no subscription necessary. For additional uses buy volumes 1 through 200 at your favourite retailer. And dont you dare download them, we are watching! And dont try to get the little red book too, we are watching for that as well.



are that many people that gullible

either andrew cuomo thinks the average american is too stupid to see through his efforts, or only the users of this forum are smart enough to.. either way, WOW, it's unbelievable...


Brooklyn, NY

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Cuomo is a pathetic loser compared to Spitzer...

...and never be even half as smart as Spitzer was back as AG, despite his laughable hooker-gate and subsequent fall.

Cuomo is trying to act like he's doing something important so he can look like Spitzer but in reality he's painfully clueless, a typical mouthpiece with little or zero understanding on the issue, an empty suit, trying to collect some political capital with this artifical non-issue.

Nobody likes child porn etc but this is WAAAY beyond that and the most ridiculous thing is that this idiot Cuomo supposed to be the person who watches out for OUR RIGHTS which includes my rights to PRIVACY, the use of newsgroups, even for - God forbid - adult ponr if I see fit.

Hey, Cuomo, get lost - and by the way this move just made sure you'll never be a Gov or anyone like that here, in this state, moron.
said by bicker:

Waaaa waaaa waaaa. You just want what you want and don't care to factor in what is right or true. Your perspectives are un-American, and deserve far more ridicule than I'm prepared to pile on them.



Why this will fail

Master database with signatures of contents that is illegal:
Change 1 byte in the file to be compared and your master database hashing/compare is screwed.