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WildBlue Responds to SkyREPORT 'Letter'
by seagreen 01:42PM Monday Jun 04 2007
Via SkyReport: 4-June-07

WildBlue Responds to SkyREPORT 'Letter'

A letter to the editor which appeared in last week's SkyREPORT has ruffled some feathers at WildBlue Communications, and now the company is speaking out in defense of its products and services.

The issue began when WildBlue officials read in SkyREPORT a letter to the editor from one of it's independent installers claiming the company was "wrong" for charging customers service charges for faulty equipment. The letter, signed by Rick Hamner, said "about 90 percent" of the company's TRIA transceivers were failing and that WildBlue shouldn't be charging customers a "$75 non-refundable service charge for us and other installation companies... to go out and change their faulty equipment."

The letter brought a swift response from both WildBlue and Gene Moore, Hamner's employer, saying the letter was nothing more than a "disgruntled employee" airing dirty laundry in the public arena.

WildBlue told SkyREPORT that the rate of failure with its TRIA transceivers is actually in the low single digits. In a retraction/apology letter written by Moore, the authorized WildBlue retailer said his company is experiencing about a five percent failure rate.

WildBlue also said that Hamner's assertion about the $75 service charge is partially incorrect. The satellite broadband company said there is no service charge for customers who need assistance within the first 90 days of service. Outside of the 90-day window, there is a $75 service fee "but the charge is common industry practice."

Despite SkyREPORT's best attempts, more information about the location of Moore's business, and the subsequent action taken toward Hamner, was unavailable. In Moore's follow-up letter, the employer said he "would like to apologize for any damage this may have caused WildBlue and/or any other companies associated with WildBlue."


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Autaugaville, AL

Someone was threatened

W B must have relly put the screws to the dealer.I am one those single digit bend overs... 75 for service + 150.00
for the part.It's almost cheaper to cancel,and get a new install.Especially with the first month free + free install.
Part went bad 1 month after contract was up...
typical Wild Blue should at least give me a kiss..