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WildBlue - the Quake Hunter
by wysiwyg2 05:22AM Thursday Feb 23 2006
As read on www.skyreport.com

WildBlue Communications said Wednesday that it's helping companies track earthquake data in remote locations along fault zones throughout the West Coast.

QuakeFinder and other U.S. companies are using the satellite broadband service at numerous isolated monitoring sites to operate remote equipment and collect scientific data. The Palo Alto, Calif.,-based entity is conducting research in the area of earthquake forecasting.

A network of ground sensors are looking for magnetic fluctuations that have been observed prior to earthquakes. The QuakeFinder network uses WildBlue's service to transmit measurements back to a data center.

Established in 2000 as an education outreach concept by Stellar Solutions, QuakeFinder's goal is researching global forecasts of seismic activity in order to provide communities with early warnings of potentially destructive earthquakes. QuakeFinder is conducted in partnership with NASA, Stanford and Berkeley Universities