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Will You Pay State Broadband Tax?
No. But for how long?
by Karl Bode 02:12PM Friday Jul 27 2007 Tipped by FFH5 See Profile
You currently don't pay state taxes on your broadband connection, thanks to a temporary ban on state taxation first created back in 1998 and then extended in 2004. With that extension set to expire this November, lawmakers are battling over whether to make the state tax ban permanent or temporary. In some cases, they're wondering if it shouldn't extend to basic cable service:
Some Democrats on the committee suggested the tax ban should be even broader. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) suggested it might be a good idea to prohibit taxes on "basic" cable service. That idea, however, drew immediate bristling from the NGA's David Quam, who argued such authority "has got to remain with state and local officials."
State officials are partial to one bill that would only extend the ban another four years.

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8-bit Fun
Corona, CA

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States have enough money

The States don't have a revenue problem.

They have a spending problem.

We aren't an ATM to throttle every time an irresponsible State gov't (like California) wastes money.
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