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Wilson, NC's Greenlight to Offer 1 Gbps
Sometime By July, Pricing Not Yet Set
by Karl Bode 12:34PM Monday Apr 22 2013
Wilson, North Carolina is the home of a municipal fiber deployment named Greenlight that has offered symmetrical 100 Mbps connections since 2009, and is now poised to offer locals speeds up to 1 Gbps. The deployment has been a favorite target for incumbent providers for years; Time Warner Cable has a long history of using misleading push polls to confuse locals, and both writing and lobbying for state-level laws aimed at preventing other "Wilsons" from sprouting up.

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Wilson doesn't appear too fazed by Time Warner Cable's aggressive tactics, this week announcing that they'll begin offering locals 1 Gbps connection speeds "no later than July 2013." There's no word yet on pricing, though we'll assume that as with their current symmetrical fiber packages, there won't be usage caps.

"In January, the Federal Communications Commission issued a challenge to communities to provide gigabit service by 2015, and we’re proud to answer that challenge now," said Will Aycock, general manager of Greenlight. "We are excited to launch our gigabit service and allow our customers to be the first in the state to experience such high speed Internet access."

The announcement comes just as Time Warner Cable has been paying empty lip service to 1 Gbps in the state, as more people realize the company has done everything in their power to stop faster networks from being built. There was some excitement last week over the possibility that North Carolina could be the next stop for Google Fiber, but the Google announcement that spawned the rumor wound up simply being expansion plans for a regional data center.

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