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Windstream Buying Up Fairpoint Debt?
Company may be watching possible bankruptcy closely
by Karl Bode 02:24PM Monday Oct 05 2009
One person's collapsing telecom empire is another person's expansion opportunity. According to the New York Post, some "big name players" are watching Fairpoint Communication's flirtations with bankruptcy with great interest. Citing a "source with direct knowledge of the process," the Post says Windstream Communications may be buying up debt with an eye on acquiring the company's assets. Fairpoint CEO David Hauser last week talked rather casually about the very real possibility for a Fairpoint bankruptcy, after the company continues to struggle with the debt acquired from Verizon. Windstream meanwhile announced last week they'd be laying off 3% of their workforce to offset continued landline losses.

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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable

Windstream is decent

Yes it's consolidation, but WS seems to know how to do rural markets, and they've bought various companies before so know how to do that as well. Their internet policy isn't the most aggressive in the world (3072/384 DSL is common) however they do have FTTH where competition merits (Lexington, KY) so they're not stuck in the 20th century.

So why not?

Marietta, GA

Re: Windstream is decent

For me, does Windstream have the proper back end systems to handle wholesale reselling of local DT? Do they have folks that know the features, know how to make it happen and not give out some of the horseshit information I have become accustomed to from FP?

Alfred, ME

Oh Great!

Another transfer of networks and billing data! I think one every 2 years is enough! Give us a break up here! lol
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Cleveland, TN

Re: Oh Great!

they had our cable system bought and sold 5 times in between 1999 and 2002 so youve seen nothing

been charter since 2002 and will probably be someone else in less then a year



Why would Windstream want to buy Faircrap?!!

If Windstream (who is talking about cutting jobs) buys Faircrap none of us in NEK will be any better off. All Windstream will be buying for millions of dollars is not what I would consider a company with data and employees that know what they're doing. They would be spending millions of dollars to buy a gigantic bucket of horseshit cause that's all Faircrap is worth at this point. No other company can come in here and turn that around and make themselves look good AND turn a profit. Faircrap has ruined just about every consumers trust and NO consumer I know that got rid of them wants to go back to yet another lousy landline phone company.



fairpoint/ New england

Unfortunately, unless a company comes in with a plan to expand the fiber to the house with video, the business will continue to diminish. I like to compare it to the vhs beta wars of the 80's. DSL is beta, cable is vhs and fiber is the blue ray dvd. In my opinion, if the company comes in and spends the money now to deploy the fiber with video, the cable companies can't compete; especially in a few years when 10 mb is considered dial- up. NH and southern Maine have many communities with the fiber already deployed, just need the video and the confidence rebuilt of the public. From my experience, people are ready to ditch the cable companies, but their options are limited. just my 2 cents