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Windstream Exploring Faster Speeds
Notably 4 Mbps Upstream Using VDSL
by Karl Bode 07:48AM Thursday Jul 07 2011
A Winstdream representative tells users in our Windstream forum that faster speeds could be on the horizon for some customers. "By the end the year some areas will have VDSL available that will enable upload speeds as high as 4 MB for the customers that qualify," says a support rep in the forum. Windtsream's apparently not too proud of their current upstream speeds on their 3, 6 and 12 Mbps DSL offerings, as their pricing page complete omits mentioning upstream speeds whatsoever. For those interested, Windstream recently began offering direct, private support in our forums, allowing users to get help with their DSL line right here at DSL reports (and without having to listen to awful hold music!).

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4 MB upload would be pretty nice. That would be ahead of most other companies. Hopefully they are planning to bump up download speeds, because what they have now is not too impressive.



Re: Finally...

Best that ATT VDSL can do 3MB upload Even those their Highest U-Verse Profile is 32/5. So Att could raise upload speeds to 4mb But they will never do that.

Far Beyond Driven
Newark, OH


and how close will you have to be to the CO? I'm sure only a fraction of users would actually qualify for such speeds.

I used to think TWC was bad until I had a temporary fling with Windstream. The support reps (offshore) and techs that I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with were amazingly more incompetent than TWC. Needless to say I'll never go back to Windstream for broadband.
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Virginia Beach, VA

Re: Pfft...

Wont be something I can get, my up signal is 13.5db for 768k and I only get 3mb down... They need to put some remote dslams in my area. Everyone in this town connects to all the dslams at the CO no remote ones as far as I know. 4mb would be nice.