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Windstream Pays Georgia $600,000 For Slow DSL Speeds
by Karl Bode 09:04AM Tuesday Feb 25 2014 Tipped by sethf See Profile
The Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Protection this week announced that they've struck a settlement with Windstream over accusations that the telco was failing to deliver advertised speeds to the company's DSL users. According to CBS 46 in Atlanta, Windstream will pay $600,000 ($350,000 in civil penalties, administrative fees and expenses and $250,000 in restitution) for selling over-saturated DSL services incapable of providing promised speeds. "Be careful what you're saying, be sure what you're saying is accurate and that you can back it up," said administrator John Sours. "You need to be accountable for what you tell people you're going to do."

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Saint Matthews, SC


It's about damn time... Now for every other state these scumbags provide service to. This sorry excuse for an ISP shouldn't even exist anymore.

Chesterfield, MO

Have They Fixed Their Service?

It's fair to enforce a penalty for not meeting obligations but have they since improved their service?

Saint Matthews, SC

Re: Have They Fixed Their Service?

I hope so. Otherwise the everyday customers got nothing out of it.

Jacksonville, FL

Re: Have They Fixed Their Service?

According to this thread, no.

»[Troubles] I'm about to lose it

Bad company. One of the worst I've ever dealt with.

Karl Bode
News Guy

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Re: Have They Fixed Their Service?

Not surprising really, I think CenturyLink has similar problems in many markets. A lack of market competition means you don't have to care, unfortunately. Especially when a $600k fine is as bad as it gets.
Roanoke Rapids, NC

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Re: Have They Fixed Their Service?

Over on the CenturyLink forums there is no where near the problems that Windstream seems to have.
VDSL2 25/2 service

Chesterfield, MO
If they haven't fixed this, it sounds like a government budget problem solved by a few fines. Obviously this rationale is overused Vis-à-vis law enforcement monthly citation quotas and the like. But good grief, if they still suck, how did the fine help HSI consumers?



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Win:Win for Windstream and the state.

Georgia gets $600k and Wiindstream carries on business as usual. That $600k is just the cost of business for them. In the end their subscribers won't get much more than a $2 credit for something they won't ever use.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.

Concord, NC

it sucks

Thank goodness I dont have them but my Mother does. The sync rate is great 8 meg no errors. Started noticing time out on web pages, web pages crawling in. I'm thinking LAN issue but no after some trouble shooting. Started asking around and talking to other in the neighborhood and in other towns and they all have them same issues. Come to find out find out most of the issues seem to be backend connections CO to CO and CO to outside plant. Heard they are buying up DS3s like crazy.


Manchester, GA

Jeez I'm glad I had another option...

Mind you it's Charter, but at least they have been able to deliver what I'm paying for (and a little extra too) when it comes to speed. Windstream, well the DSL speeds were more like dialup from 2~3pm till after I was in bed at 10pm. Checking email was iffy if you didn't have an hour or there was anything with an attachment.

Shame to know that WS will just write off the loss, not fix anything and the state will stop pressuring them until enough NEW complaints prompt them to action again.

Dahlonega, GA

Disasterious, bloodsucking Company

I have no other choice but to be with Windstream. Have a look at the Windstream forums. We've been lied to non-stop. I'm on my 10th ETR set for tomorrow, the 26th. Think I'll see any repairs? Of course not..

"...Looks like the State gets all of the money and the customers that were defrauded get $0.00. Also, the settlement terms don't induce Windstream to improve service.

"In resolution of these allegations, Windstream will pay a total of $600,000, which includes a $175,000 civil penalty, $175,000 in administrative fees and expenses, and $250,000 in cy pres restitution to be used for the purchase of new computer equipment for the Technical College System of Georgia."

The consumers, like me, receive nothing. Not a single thing to ensure WS does the right thing.. Nothing. The State of Ga is as bad as Windstream IMO.

Washington, IL

Re: Disasterious, bloodsucking Company

Typical......The customers, who suffer, get nothing!!!! And, the government gets ALL the $$$$$.....


You hear that Frontier?

your next

Schenectady, NY


this company is abysmal, and i wish there was more coverage on here (outside the forum) about how atrocious they are. i also wish there was more to do about the problems, but hey, maybe one day some competition will exist.

literally the only provider available. not even comcast or att to compete. terrible.
Warner Robins, GA

Windstream penalty.

$600,000 for at least 5 years worth of problems. $120,000 per year. $328.77 per day. That is probably about what Windstream spends each day on catered food for its executives. The fine means there might be less gourmet jellybeans available for a year. Windstream will change some training for sales representatives and some wording in advertising. There probably will not be any improvements in service.

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Now if Time warner cable could be fined

Next they should fine Time warner cable for not posting retail rates anywhere on the web site or even when you call in. Comcast and AT&T will tell you those prices, TWC won't.

Also they should be fined for throttling youtube:


And for making up a 2 dollar TV fee. Total BS fee.

/End of vent due to 57.99 15/1 internet. My dad has been with TWC from 1995 to this day and yet 57.99 for 15/1 internet. Some way to treat a customer that been there for almost 20 years.