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Wireless Industry Site Highlights App Data Consumption
by Karl Bode 08:48AM Friday Dec 27 2013
The wireless industry's trade and lobbying organization (the CTIA) this week unveiled a new website that attempts to highlight how much data is often used by the most popular apps. The KnowMyApp.Org website includes data consumption estimates for the the top 50 paid and free apps from the Apple and Google stores, and CTIA says they intend to add more apps each month. The website allows visitors to hunt for specific apps by app name, operating system or app categories and may help those who don't even know what a gigabyte is (the majority of users). For example, the site notes that the Pandora app for Android eats an average of 997.10 MB per month, or 48% of a 2 GB monthly data allotment.

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CTIA recommends using WiFi

The site is interesting in that it actually recommends using WiFi to avoid blowing thru your monthly caps. An industry organization setup for cell usage encouraging users to NOT use their product is strange.

P.S.>> the number of apps tested is miniscule and doesn't provide any data on many, many popular apps.

Evanston, IL

Re: CTIA recommends using WiFi

CTIA is incredibly biased. Their interest is in the cell carriers, not in the consumers. See:




Summary: CISPA is the group that thinks we don't need phone unlocking, thinks consumers don't need privacy, and thinks we don't need the bill shock protection that is being legislated. I wouldn't trust a study from them any more than I'd trust a study on global climate funded by BP/Texaco.

·Time Warner Cable
They have a good reason for it.
With the current model, data is a commodity. As such, their business model is able to 'better' setup/change rates in a cost-per-use model. I.e. More demand = higher cost (at the base level).

With this model, they can 'show' (dog & pony) that users don't really need more than 2GB/month, and that users aren't blowing through caps. Its all spin, designed to assist them in generating more profit.

On The Road


Bah! The text boxes for search are tiny. They have a whole page and it's all tiny. With 2 different fonts too.

Mostly it looks like another place to advertise. I couldn't get search to work anyway.
Are YOU just a turkey voting for xmas?

Snohomish, WA

Re: Bah!

This site is aimed at developers willing to pay for app testing (ONE step on the way to beta/early release).
Not sure if it's better or worse then existing tests.