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Wireless Now Accounts For 10% of Website Traffic
In India, Wireless Will Overtake Fixed Line Data This Year
by Karl Bode 06:20PM Wednesday May 30 2012
Last month (April 7, to be precise) web analytics firm StatCounter noticed a significant shift: for the first time ever wireless data traffic accounted for 10% of all Internet traffic globally (at least among the websites they tracked). StatCounter recently stated that mobile network traffic had been doubling ever year, and began the year comprising 8.5% of all Internet traffic. Asia is unsurprisingly at the forefront of the shift, with wireless traffic accounting for 18% of total net usage, the wireless share of overall traffic having tripled since just 2010. In some regions, like India, wireless Internet traffic is even larger (48.87%), and is expected to overtake fixed-line traffic by the end of this year. Cisco's Visual Networking Index (released today) however takes a more comprehensive look, and insists cellular won't account for 10% of all Internet traffic until 2016.

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Blue Rock, OH

Low caps!

Low caps will keep cellular traffic under 10% till 2016 in the States!

Atascadero, CA

For God sake why

why does anybody want to look at the internet on such a small screen and without a full size key board. people are so inpatient.