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Woman Sues Rogers For 'Exposing' Her Affair
After her cell bill is merged with triple play billing...
by Karl Bode 11:18AM Monday May 17 2010 Tipped by fatness See Profile
According to the Toronto Star, a woman has sued Rogers Wireless for $600,000 after a billing mix up wound up tipping off her husband to an affair she was having. The couple started receiving a unified bill after they tacked Internet and TV service on top of the woman's previously solo Rogers Wireless bill. Needless to say, the husband got his hand on the new combined bill and found a number of multi-hour calls to an unfamiliar number. The woman's attorney claims that Rogers is responsible for the breakup (and her subsequent job loss):
"The husband used the previously private and confidential information that the defendant unilaterally disclosed to the husband to inquire about the people that the plaintiff was telephoning and the nature of such calls," the statement of claim says. The statement alleges Rogers "unilaterally terminated its cellular contract with the plaintiff that had been in her maiden name and included it in the husband’s account that was under his surname."
Rogers obviously says they're not responsible for the couple's breakup, which their lawyer claims would have happened "regardless of the form in which the plaintiff and her husband received their invoices." Of course not having an affair would be a nice way to avoid your husband finding out you're having an affair, and Rogers isn't responsible for infidelity. Still, users in our Rogers Forums discuss the privacy and contractual ramifications of merging bills without the express consent of all involved.

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Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR

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reply to Storage_Guy

Re: Complete loss for words

said by Storage_Guy:

From the linked article, “I lost everything,” she says. “I want others to know what a big corporation has done. I trusted Rogers with my personal information. We had a contract — and agreement that put my life right in their hands.

The complete lack of personal responsibility that people have now is astounding.
And I'd want every lover for her in the future to know the infidelities she has done and her inability to take personal responsibility. I had a bill mailed to the wrong house number on my street(cable bill). My neighbor kindly gave it to me and I straightened up the screwup over the phone. No loss could have occurred from this screwup. I wouldn't think of going to court and suing them. This was a billing mistake plain and simple. The general recourse is to compensate any extra that may have been billed for the mistake or to issue a small credit for the inconvenience(they did issue me a $5 credit in apologies for the mistake without being asked). Is Rogers supposed to be responsible for the loss she incurred as a result of their mistake helping her get caught in her wrongdoing? I think not(and I hate Rogers, personally). I mean get real people. Rogers has no responsibility to protect peoples' acts of wrongdoing. I bet the husband is thankful for this mistake in the billing department and probably want to shake the hand of whoever made the mistake. The wheels of justice turned and the slut got what she deserved. She has nobody to blame but herself(yes, this is coming from a woman). Those who want to blame Rogers should think about whether it's logical she wouldn't ever be caught down the road and whether it's reasonable to sue whatever other leak that may have happened to tip off the husband to the tune of $600k. The end.

Edit: For those who don't quite get my example, it's not the billing mistake directly that caused any loss to her at all. It was being caught having an affair. Had she had "clean hands"(a vital legal term in US civil court), the loss would not have occurred. Even in the US, it would be laughed out of court. With what I know about Canadian law, I'd say the same will hold true.
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Benton Harbor, MI

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Complete loss for words

From the linked article, “I lost everything,” she says. “I want others to know what a big corporation has done. I trusted Rogers with my personal information. We had a contract — and agreement that put my life right in their hands.

The complete lack of personal responsibility that people have now is astounding.

Tavistock NJ

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reply to djhexer

Re: The real question is....

said by djhexer:

Who's name was the bill under?

if it was her name originally and they added the other services then it would still be under her name, which means the husband opened mail that was not his.

otherwise if the bills are under his name. wireless and the other services he has the right to open any piece of mail with his name on it.
They were married and living in the same house. Normal married people open bills, no matter whose name is on it. She cheated & got caught. The judge should just throw the case out of court and tell her to get the $600,000(or whatever she is worth) from her lover.
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Crazy Canuck
Mississauga, ON
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Has no one read the article?

The woman's husband found out about the affair because Rogers unilaterally decided to merge her account with his, which resulted in him seeing that she was having long conversations with her lover on her cell phone.

The affair isn't in question here. What's in question is how it was disclosed through a breach of privacy and a breach of contract.

Rogers claimed that they would have broken up anyway. Rogers doesn't know this for a fact. The fact of the matter is, Rogers taking action on their separate accounts directly caused the husband to find out because suddenly her bill was in HIS NAME.

I think she deserves what she got, but at the same time, it's inexcusable how it came about. Rogers IS responsible.


Brampton, ON

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reply to 88615298

Re: See, it's not always only in America!!

said by 88615298:

Yeah but if it's $600,000 Canadian that's like $16 American right?
no, its 579,933.09

Whittier, AK

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More important question not answered

Is she HOT?


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Just Take Responsibility

Someone, again, who just can't take responsibility for their actions.


West Tenness

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reply to cork1958

Re: See, it's not always only in America!!

Yeah but if it's $600,000 Canadian that's like $16 American right?