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Xbox 360s Interfering With 2.4Ghz?
Strange signals....
by Karl Bode 06:33PM Monday Dec 17 2007
Network World says that Microsoft's Xbox 360 doesn't always play nice with neighboring wireless signals. According to the report, a troublesome signal is generated by the device's on-board 2.4GHz radio, which is used for the system's handheld wireless controller. The strange interference was first picked up by the IT staff at Morrisville State College:
During the fall, Morrisville IT staff, working with Meru engineers and IBM, the network integrator, detected an unusual signal in the 2.4GHz band. . . The Cognio software, however, was baffled by this new signal: "Unknown emitter" was the classification. The signal shows up in the Cognio display as a kind of green-blizzard effect, covering a large swath of the 2.4 band.
The signal continues transmission even when the game console is off. The interference can't be that disruptive, Given this hadn't shown up on anybody's radar until this far into the 360's life-cycle.

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