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You Can 'Over Use' FiOS After All
Verizon Warns You if You Push Into Terabyte Territory
by Karl Bode 09:15AM Wednesday May 22 2013 Tipped by swintec See Profile
For years Verizon has marketed their FiOS fiber to the home service as a superior alternative to cable. Part of that sales pitch has been the argument that the service doesn't require bandwidth caps -- though Verizon has historically always chosen their words very carefully to leave the possibility open sometime in the future. That doesn't mean Verizon doesn't warn users whose usage can get borderline ridiculous. One user in our FiOS forum proudly crows that he managed to get a warning phone call from Verizon for excessive use. How excessive? One month the user claims he clocked in over 75 terabytes of data usage, and other users in the forum say they see similar usage resulting in similar phone calls. Verizon would obviously like the user, who runs servers out of his home, to upgrade to a business-class connection.

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reply to tmc8080

Re: sour roi grapes

I regularly use 1 - 2TB a month on my fios connection, and I know I'm a heavy user, but I don't run public servers he clearly violated the TOS and 75TB is absolutely abusive usage, note they haven't even kicked him off, just warned him, I think this is completely fair and he should upgrade to business class.

It's users like this who ruin unlimited users for everyone.

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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reply to aaronwt

That was my thought exactly. He's running what should be on a "business class" account on a residential account, and all he got was a lousy phone call?

If anything, Verizon looks good here. They didn't cut him off, or throttle his connection, they gave him a heads up that he really needs to be on a business account....
Petty people are disproportionally corrupted by petty power


Baltimore, MD

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reply to LTE4LIFE

Re: 75 TB?

Because there is clearly no possibe way he could legitimately come to 75TB of transfer in a month with a 300Mbps line.
Because he was totally operating as a "Tracker" for The Pirate Bay right (do you know what this term means or did you just think it was the cool thing to do to say that he was using TPB? Of course, you are also aware that TPB does not operate a tracker and has not for several years...)?
And certainly he's operating as a seeder on the largest Public Torrent Indexer on the planet. I'm sure that's why he got a phone call for over-usage and not one in relation to DMCA abuse (which at 75TB, this might have been an entirely different article).

Do people even fully read? He's running servers out of his home, which likely means he is leasing out to several users. Check the forum post before placing thy foot in thine own mouth.


Carlisle, PA

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reply to aaronwt

Re: sour roi grapes

said by aaronwt:

But it also says in the Terms of Service that you can't use servers on the residential line. The user was using all that data running servers. Which is why they want him to go to a business account which allows that.

Karl doesn't let the facts get in the way of a good anti-telco rant....