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dslreports.com Update - May 02 2012
by justin 08:35AM Friday May 04 2012
As I have been detailing, a Dell recommended recovery lab is working to free all data from the clutches of our "enterprise class" storage array (hah!). It has been 16 days since the power fail scrambled its brain.

While this continues, I decided to open up limited functions on the site: specifically forums, logins, news and whatever else I can, built on the 95% of data available from our backups. I'm also using backup equipment so there may be performance hiccups.

As the remainder of data comes back (the last 18 months of posts, users, news and reviews!) it will be added into the gap waiting without disturbing any new data.

If you are unable to login, or want to chase topics you created or participated in prior to the outage, then please wait for further updates. If you used paypal/google to buy a premium membership this year, I'll also figure out a refund system. All of this takes a bit of time to pull together but I figured a partially working site is better than a frozen one.