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Dallas Buyers Club Makers Sue 31 Anonymous Downloaders
by Karl Bode 12:25PM Tuesday Feb 11 2014
The makers of Oscar nominated film Dallas Buyers Club have filed a lawsuit (pdf) against 31 anonymous Internet users who are accused of having downloaded the movie illegally. One of the film's backers is Voltage Pictures, the company that came to fame for suing 5,000 P2P users en masse for downloading their film The Hurt Locker, before heading to Canada to bully smaller ISPs. This latest case appears more targeted toward a smaller number of IP addresses while, unlike The Hurt Locker case, ensuring the targeted IPs are actually in the jurisdiction of the court.

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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to ITALIAN926

Re: Dallas Buyers Club?? Never heard of it

The ORIGINAL intent of that law was to discourage COMMERCIAL piracy.. NOT downloaders, not VHS, BETAMAX, DVD, HD-DVD, LASER DISC, AND BLU RAY media personal home copies (and since been abused to say that someone sharing such content on a p2p network is the same as bootlegging and selling hard or soft copies for profit). Internet piracy has been an era of controversy since the first software and music lawsuits for individuals going as far back as the 1980s for software and later 90s for music.

Anybody keeping tabs on the political front & scorecard knows that the copyright lobby have been successful at exporting US copyright law and censorship/privacy violation at various points in recent memory (however this is a see-saw pendulum swaying back and forth). Also, decidedly annoyed with the fact that all attempts to shut down bittorrent piracy which is relatively speaking the easiest, most popular and non-tech savvy method have gone nowhere including the infamous Pirate Bay.


Portage, IN

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reply to ITALIAN926

Right! We should also give speeders the electric chair, jaywalkers should be shot on sight and then their estates fined $500,000, and people who talk on the cell phone while in the car should be imprisoned for no less than 10 years and fined $150,000. Right? RIGHT???

Or, you could just come out and tell us how you are corporatist trash, and that the only people who can do anything wrong are the peasants who must be brought back into line. Makes me sick to my stomach. And they wonder why I and lots of other people don't hardly consume *ANY* media anymore. Fatcat Hollywood pigs with blow and hookers whining about how their gravy train might be slowing down. Cry me a goddamned river. I know people who struggle to keep their heat on in the winter, and actually have to get up and GO to work in the morning.

No, they either need to man up and try real cases in CRIMINAL court for the CRIME they committed, or leave your customers the hell alone. Wasting the court's time with these trivial civil matters is a joke, and does nothing to stop piracy, only to make themselves look like the sacks of scum that they are.

Mr Matt

Eustis, FL

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Informed judges Voltage Pictures worst enemy.

Once Judges learn that an IP address is not a person and cannot identify without a reasonable doubt the identity of the down loader, Voltage won't have a a defendant to prosecute. Ill informed judges are a broadband customers worst enemy.