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Dallas Buyers Club Studio Wants $7,000 From Pirates
by Karl Bode 01:56PM Wednesday Jul 02 2014
Back in February the makers of the film Dallas Buyers Club filed a lawsuit (pdf) against 31 anonymous Internet users accused of having downloaded the movie illegally. One of the film's backers is Voltage Pictures, the company that came to fame for suing 5,000 P2P users en masse for downloading their film The Hurt Locker, before heading to Canada to bully smaller ISPs.

Voltage generally isn't interested in trial, they're interested in gaming the legal system so they can obtain the personal identities of these users, and then threaten them with legal action if they don't pony up significant sums of cash (aka a new revenue stream). Torrent Freak notes that new lawuits are filed every week and the first letters have been sent out demanding upwards of $7,000:
Interestingly, not all alleged downloaders are treated the same. A settlement letter sent to a Texan Internet subscriber offers a complete settlement for $3,500, while an Ohioan in the same position was asked to pay $5,000. The second offer was also presented in a more intimidating form, with a threat to raise the amount to $7,000 if the recipient doesn’t pay in time.
The letters conclude that the studio feels $7,500 is "very reasonable" considering "the large expense it incurs to enforce its rights."

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There's always an excuse for being a thief.

Heard the same pejorative remarks about music, and now I can stream over 20 million songs for $10/month or buy a new CD for under $7 instead of $17 or more. The same trend is happening with video content. Buggy whip makers come in all forms.