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iPhone Users Greeted With Morning Outage
AT&T users reporting morning data connectivity problems...
by Karl Bode 10:15AM Wednesday Sep 03 2008
Last week an AT&T insider suggested that the sooner that all iPhone users upgraded to the new 2.0.2 update, the sooner iPhone users would be in connectivity nirvana. So far that doesn't appear to be the case, with users in our all things Macintosh forum reporting that they've lost EDGE and/or HSDPA data service connectivity completely this morning. "Email, Safari, everything is toast," complains one user. "No Edge connectivity at all," complains another. It looks like this may not be specific to the iPhone, as other AT&T customers say they're also having connectivity issues. "We are aware of the reports, and we are looking into it," AT&T spokesman Brad Mays tells me.

Update: AT&T has this to say about this morning's problems: "There was a routing issue affecting some wireless data use in the Northeast region. AT&T technicians determined the cause and restored service at 11:56 a.m. EDT. Voice calling, text messaging and BlackBerry email were unaffected."

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