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Speed Test

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Further information

The single transfer speed-test probes for your maximum line speed, both upload and download. The test servers are located in quality data centers for maximum accuracy.
Please visit the Speed test result archive, to compare the results others are getting, in your area, or in your DNS domain (ISP).

What is the difference between DISTANT and NEAR speed-test servers?
A default copy of Windows will probably not achieve your purchased speed with a distant speed test server, especially if you have a fast connection! An installation of Windows with a tuned (tweaked) tcp/ip stack (normally this means a larger TCP Receive Window) should be able to maximise your download speed even when testing to distant servers. For more information on this subject, see our Tweak Test page.

Technical Information
This test is a transfer of random binary data in both directions. The test stages, it starts with small transfers and moves to larger ones until a minimum amount of time has passed during the transfer to provide a good measure. Unlike FLASH based speed-tests, our upload payload cannot be compressed, so it gives the correct result even on satellite or wireless connections.
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Further reading on what to do if your speed test results are always much lower than you think : FAQ question: I think my line is too slow!
To tweak your connection to achieve high speeds on distant servers, check out: Tweaks, testing and information