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Broadband Tests and Tools - http://dslreports.com/tools

Speed Tests

Test your maximum upload speed and download speed from several geographically distributed locations.
Java, Flash and iPhone speed test (100% browser) available.
Data: Speediest ISPs


Intensively monitor an IP address for 24 or more hours to review packet loss and/or excessive latency variability -- from three different US locations

Line Quality - Ping Test

Test latency, jitter and packet loss to your IP address, including identification of any problems en-route to you.
Data: Lossy router watch.

Your IP address, IP whois

Get your current IP, track down owners of domains or IP addresses

Tweak Test

Test if your computer is setup correctly for broadband TCP connectivity

24x7 Line Monitoring

Does your ISP promise always-on? are you getting it? keep track of many aspects of your connectivity, and weekly reports as well

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Doctor TCP

DR TCP - A windows utility for modifying your TCP stack. But: use DrTCP only in conjuction with the advice from the Tweak Test.

MOBILE Speed Test

Simple MOBILE speed test page.
Optimized for tiny browsers.
Visit http://text.dslreports.com/mspeed on your phone or PDA.
Data: speediest mobile domains

Bandwidth Calculator

Confused about unit conversions? want to see how long it will take to transfer a file at a certain speed? or how much data can be transferred in a given time?

Wake your PC remotely (WOL)

Wake your computer up from a remote location (for PCs that support this feature and do not have firewalls blocking UDP port 9)

Your test history

See the summary of past tests you have run. Speed tests, line quality tests and more are logged under your account

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