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  Monday Morning Links
  Sprint Cuts Another 452 Jobs at Headquarters
  South Korea ISP Demonstrates 10 Gbps Speeds
  HBO's Streaming Only Service Likely $15 Per Month
  Cox Celebrates First 'G1GABLAST' 1 Gbps Customer in Phoenix
  Senator Leahy Wants Greater Neutrality Promises From Comcast
  Senator Leahy Wants Greater Neutrality Promises From Comcast
  Rumor: Lenovo Prepping Bid For Blackberry
  Court Again Rules Ad-Skipping DVR Doesn't Violate Copyright
  Tuesday Morning Links
  32 Cities Form Coalition to Improve Their Poor Broadband
  DOJ 'Digging Deep' In Comcast Merger Review
  Sprint Forced to Pay Comcast $7.5 Million in Patent Fight
  Frontier Sued in West Virginia for Dismal Service
  DOJ 'Digging Deep' In Comcast Merger Review
  Dish Customers Lose Access to CNN, Other Turner Networks
  Sprint Waives $10 Tablet Fee for iPad on Plans 20GB or Higher
  CableLabs Posts DOCSIS 3.1 Test Schedule
  Verizon Largely Laughs Off T-Mobile Competition
  Wednesday Morning Links
  AT&T Fined For Cramming Using Title II And the World Didn't End
  Hungary Eyes Tax on Internet Data Transfers
  1 Gbps 'G.fast' DSL to Begin Certification Testing
  Time Warner Cable Unveils Shiny, New 'Enhanced' DVR
  Millenicom Abruptly Quits, Shoves Their Customers Toward Verizon
  Free Cox Speed Upgrades Come to San Diego
  FCC Pauses 'Shot Clock' on Comcast, AT&T/DirecTV Deals

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